1. Drug/Medical device Registration

King Health Inv. has a specialized team dealing with registration work in CFDA (China Food& Drug Administration).

Team of Experts: including experts in chemistry, pharmacy, clinical trial management and statistics so as high-profile                 therapeutics and marketing experts.

2. Project consultancy

King Health Inv. provides project consultancy, involves risk evaluation on intellectual property right, registration assessment,    and market research.

3. CRO

King Health Inv. provides clinical trial management, data management and biostatistical support for clinical development         studies to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device enterprise.

4. Marketing

King Health Inv. has its own professional sale teams for drugs and medical devices;currently, it operates through a nationwide network of 30 representative offices in all provinces of China, and cooperates with more than 100 local area distributors.

Marketing promotion: promotion through annual national and provincial scientific congresses and local area seminars.