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Beijing King Health Investment Co.,Ltd.

Beijing King Health Investment Co., Ltd. is a new drug research and development             company, founded in Beijing in 2002. Company   is focusing on R & D of Active Pharmaceutical     Ingredients (API) and formulations as well as       importation of finished dosage   form, substance from other countries.

KH Inv. is one of the subsidiary company of         Grand Investment International Group. KH  Inv. owns specialized teams of market research, drug registration, importation, synthesisand quality control. Company has national wide drug distribution network operating by 3 GSP certified drug marketing companies which are hold by the same Group.

In recent years, company began to develop a new business direction-Medical device; we’ve already built a sales system which covers most provinces of China main land.

Currently KH Inv. is cooperating with several foreign Pharmaceutical enterprises as their exclusive distributor in China, responsible for drugs and medical devices registration, clinical trial, marketing and sales after launch.

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